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If you suffer from anxiety and stress you know what I am talking about when I say that it can take over your life and feel like a prison you can’t escape.

Breaking free seems impossible, because you don’t know how and what to do about your feelings. You can be your own worst enemy by beating yourself up mentally for not being able to control those feelings. Anxiety, fear and stress may already have shaped your life.

​Let me guess, you have probably made decisions on the basis of your anxiety that you wish you hadn’t had to make.

Anxious feelings can affect your life in many different ways. Sometimes they take over your whole life or just certain parts of it.

You may want to do something, but stop yourself doing it, because you can’t stop thinking about what might happen or you just don’t feel like you can. It can be difficult to find joy when you are constantly feeling anxious and begin to avoid situations because of it. You may even feel depressed. This can become a vicious cycle.

Whether you have felt like this most of your life or it’s a more recent thing.

​Let’s change your feelings

Stress and anxiety can cause havoc with your mind and body. You may even feel completely overwhelmed by living in a constant state of fight and flight.

​The way to get out of this vicious cycle driven by the unconscious part of your mind is to change your thoughts.

When you change your thoughts, you change how you feel and therefore your neurology. I use a variety of techniques to achieve this, including NLP, Hypnosis and Havening.

​These techniques are very effective for changing your thought pattern and therefore your feelings.

When you come to see me I will also teach you how to do this yourself, so you can be in charge of your own mind.

Anxiety, stress and worry need not be running your life.
Are you ready to say good-bye to anxiety, fear and stress?

You may not believe it right now, it is possible!

​How do I know this?

Because I have been there and I know what it is like.

​Just like you, my life was shaped by social anxiety right into my late thirties until I came across Hypnosis, Havening and NLP.

After that it was gone and never came back. After seeing a therapist who used these techniques I felt compelled to learn how to help people in that way. Nowadays I define my life by before and after I came across these techniques.

The things I have done since have been beyond what I ever thought possible.

You don’t have to live in fear, and you don’t have to accept that this is just part of who you are.

It isn’t part of me anymore and it needn’t be part of you.

​Are you ready to claim back your life? Let’s get you back to enjoying your life!Anxiety &Stress

​How it works

It’s important I really get to know you, so I will spend time listening to your story and will immerse myself into your world, to give me an understanding of how you feel and perceive things.

​Once I have that clarity I will use techniques like Havening, NLP and Hypnosis to affect change in you.

When you come along do not expect to sit in a chair and fall asleep.

​Instead expect a fun and active process, which will allow you to feel very relaxed, but at the same time you will be aware of everything going on around you.

​The hour and a half will fly by and my promise to you is that you will feel different.

Get in touch now to book you appointment and invest in yourself.