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Freedom facilitator

One of the most exciting and fulfilling things for me is to help you create more freedom in your life. Freedom to be and do all the things you want to. You may not feel and even believe its’s possible right now. Begin to imagine how different life could be if you didn’t believe certain things about yourself.

As Napoleon Hill said many years ago “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”.

If you are going to hold beliefs about who you are and what you can do, you may as well choose beliefs that serve you well.

Moving on from feelings, beliefs and situations which hold you back is the first step to a different life.

Personal development and course enthusiast

​Understanding how you do things and helping you change, is one of my favourite things to do. I learn so much from each new person I meet. I am committed to lifelong learning. New interesting Courses get me excited. Having my mind stretched and learning about new ideas is life affirming and it keeps my skills fresh and up to date.

​Good nutrition and health enthusiast

Getting the basics right is the most important foundation for a healthy mind and body. Healthy food and good nutrition is that foundation. Cooking healthy nourishing foods for friends and family is something I enjoy a lot.

Completely enjoy what I do

Every day I feel incredibly privileged and lucky to be able to work in the field that I do. Helping people overcome problems and limitations, so they can live a more fulfilling life is the best thing in the world. The feeling I get from seeing them change is so amazing and fulfilling. There is no better feeling in the world than to witness my clients becoming comfortable in who they are and what they do.

​I can relate and I am trained by the best teachers

You may be struggling with all kinds of things that limit you in your life at the moment, I can tell you I have been there too. I know what it’s like to live this way. Anxiety and depression ran my life and it felt like I had no control. I looked for answers in many places until I came across hypnotherapy, NLP and Havening.

They were game changers and I have never looked back.

Once I found a way to overcome my problems, I felt compelled to help people like you do the same.
I began training with some of the most knowledgable and inspiring teachers in the field, including Richard Bandler (the co-creator of NLP), John & Kathleen La Valle, Paul McKenna, Dr.Ron and Steven Ruden (the creators of Havening) June O’Driscoll and Geoff Rolls (Trainers of NLP with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna). I am qualified as a Life coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master practitioner, Naturopath and have completed the Havening Training.

This has given me the opportunity to create a new life without fear and limitations and instead full of inspiration and freedom to follow my dreams.

The best thing about this personal journey it is that I am able to help you change your life now.
If you want a different life. A life where you don’t have to consider what you can and can’t do, because of something holding you back or being difficult to overcome, now is the time to invest in you and get in touch.