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Looking for ways to bring change to your life?

Change can seem daunting, scary and overwhelming, even more so when you feel stuck and can’t see clearly where you want to go.
Creating that crystal clear vision can be made much easier with help and support.

My approach involves using tools that are tailored specifically to you, allowing you to overcome problems and moving forward with your life.

Together we create your vision and uncover and change any limiting beliefs stopping you from moving forward.

My personal journey involved removing limiting beliefs and behaviours, as my world had become very small.
During this journey I have studied and learned about many techniques and healing systems, which are fundamental to facilitating lasting change.

I would love to help you break free from your prison and it gives me such a buzz to be part of your journey.

Call me or send an email by filling in the contact form to set up your appointment and we can tailor a plan, You have just taken the first step in your journey.

How coaching will help you get more out of life.

True living means daring to take chances and moving in new exciting directions. The journey of life is about fitting in many life-affirming experiences along the way and escaping the comfort zone that we are all so prone to impart on ourselves. Comfort zones tend to hold us captive. They limit us and encourage us to settle for the mediocre. How about letting these limitations go and instead pursue your dreams? Everything is possible….!!

If you want to make the most of your life and be the best you can be, the healthiest you can be and the happiest you can be, having a coach in your life will help you do that.

​It’s like having someone by your side cheering you on.

​It’s someone who believes in you, your abilities and is trained to get the best out of you, thereby enabling you to achieve your goals and desires.

​The coaching relationship provides a confidential platform to explore and define where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

​This can involve specific life goals or personal development.

Coaching is a solution focused approach and about looking into the future rather than the past.

If there is something about you or your life you want to change, achieve or do, then coaching may be what you have been searching for.

​What a coach does

  • Takes your goals seriously and supports you all the way
  • Helps improve your performance
  • Works with people like you who want to change
  • Helps you develop skills that will move you forward
  • Helps facilitate and explore alternatives to achieving your goals
  • Promotes self-awareness leading to personal growth

What a coach does not do

  • Coaching is not therapy and can’t fix people
  • Does not direct you and tell you what to do
  • Does not give you answers, but instead helps you find the right answers for your situation

Getting the best out of coaching

You may be someone who is lost and don’t know what you want. You don’t necessarily have to know what your goal is when you show up. Coaching can clarify that. You goal may be to find yourself and your place in the world.

​You can decide to use a coach for a specific project or other life goals over an agreed period of time. These sessions can be conducted via the phone, Skype or in person.

As coaching it is an ongoing relationship the next step is choosing the right person. It is important to spend some time getting to know the coach you have chosen, because you want someone you trust and like.

​After each session you will be given a set of actions you will commit to doing. It is these actions that will launch you towards success. For coaching to be most effective booking sessions ahead is a good option. It re-enforces your commitment to the end result.

How many sessions you book depends on what it is you want coaching for. A short term goal may only require a few sessions whereas a longer one calls for more.

​When you decide the time is right for you to take your life to next level get in touch