Do you want to experience the feelings of confidence and freedom that
come with living a life free from anxiety?

You’re here because you have decided that you no longer want to carry on living with anxiety.

Anxiety is consuming your life and is draining all the joy and fun from it.

You’ve had dreams and aspirations but have given up on them a long time ago because your feelings are always getting in the way.

You often feel on edge and exhausted, because trying not to think about something and to feel something is taking all your energy. You wish you could just snap your fingers and feel normal like everyone else.

You dream of being free from the emotional rollercoaster you find yourself on every day and the ruminating thoughts you can't seem to get away from. 

You make decisions around it and it's simply exhausting to plan your life around your feelings.

You may have dreams, but don't have much hope that they will ever come true because of how you feel. 

You feel trapped and stuck in your life and sometimes you wonder how you got here. It’s like being in a prison and you have no idea how to free yourself.

It’s as if your life doesn’t belong to you anymore and you feel completely removed from who you are.

It's not that you don't want to, you do and more so than ever because of you have realised that unless you find a way out then you'll get to the end of your life and regret not having lived to your true potential.

Deep down you know this is not how your life was meant to be lived.

You look at everyone else and feel even worse because they somehow they seem

to have all their ‘s**t’  together and you feel like you haven’t even started yet.

You want to feel comfortable in your own skin, bursting with confidence and belief in yourself, so that you can fulfil the potential that lays dormant inside you.

That was me once too. I remember it so clearly.......

I felt bogged down by life, my emotions were all over the place, I suffered anxiety and with it depression and felt like a total failure.

I struggled to find a way to feel good about myself and anxiety ruled my life.

Everyone else seemed to have it together except me.

Today I’m a different person. I’m completely comfortable with myself. 

I'm the captain on my ship, decide which direction I want to go and whom I want to take on board.

I’m kind to myself and feel like I can be myself without feeling apologetic.

I feel comfortable in social situations and have gone from being quite shy to

one of the most outgoing people I know.

Life is good and getting better all the time….

Truth is you too can become the person you are meant to be and you don’t have to go through everything I went through to get there. Anxiety can be overcome. 

It’s not who you are!!

I’m now on a mission to help people reclaim their beautiful precious lives, to be unapologetically themselves and

to feel the confidence and freedom that comes with being authentic and true to who they are. To find their voice and to speak without anxiety and fear.

To experience life without seeing it through the lens of negativity, and to be in charge of how they feel.

A life they love and are proud of, a life full of possibilities, love. Joy and fun.

​It's time to stop hiding from yourself!

Work with me


I'm Kristine Moller, transformation and anxiety coach.

Together we discover your story and what’s brought you to where you are today.


We extract the beliefs that have shaped what you think to be true about yourself and your life.

Beliefs that are stopping you from showing up as whom you are meant to be.


We replace it with a life-enhancing narrative that will allow you to bounce into a new chapter of what will be a life that you absolutely love and adore. 

We’ll help overcome any symptoms that may have developed as a result of living a disconnected life and help you discard any guilt you may have about creating these life changes.


We’ll meet every week to build on what we discovered and changed the week before and so you keep on track and implement the changes.


Every step of the way you’ll be breaking through any beliefs that may be holding you back from becoming the person you know you are meant to be!

You’ll feel your confidence grow week by week as you discover who you truly are.


We’ll dive into what creates meaning for you at the deepest level and from there build a vision for your life,

so that you, your vision and your beliefs are completely aligned.

Life is precious, don't waste another minute feeling disconnected from yourself, your life be ruled by anxiety and not living to your highest potential.


It's time to let go of what's limiting you and holding you back and instead start a new chapter where you instead experience the confidence and freedom that comes with being you.

To get started....

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  • During the call, we'll go deep and discover your hopes and fears and your biggest dreams.

  • Then we come up with the best way to help you align with deepest parts of yourself so that you can experience the confidence and freedom that comes stepping out into a future where you enjoy and love being you.

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