There was a time when I felt trapped and stuck in my life.

I was nearly forty and was full of hopelessness and self-pity.

I felt an enormous sense of guilt for feeling this way because after all, I had a partner who loved and adored me and two wonderful children.

I felt that life was passing me by and that I didn’t know who I was anymore.

My confidence was rock bottom and nowhere to be felt or seen.

Everyone else seemed so together and responsible and I didn’t feel I had anything to contribute to the world.

Every time I attempted to create something for myself inevitably I would find a reason not to do it, because who was I to think and believe I was good enough and worthy enough of and deserved succeeding in anything.

Days rolled into months and years and on the outside, it looked like everything was fine, but underneath it all, I became more and more removed from myself and what I was here to do and be. Instead, I just existed but felt empty and numb on the inside.


I was also dealing with the loss of my mother who was only 57 when had an aneurysm that left her in a vegetative state for over three years.

This was enormously hard to deal with as I couldn’t grieve because she was still alive.

However, it served as a massive wake up call that life is so precious and short.

The dread within me grew and expanded to the point where it was unbearable and I knew I couldn’t go on like this because I sensed that there was more to life and to me.

Guilt and fear and the lack of trust in my own strengths and abilities kept me there for a long time before I finally built up the courage to follow what my inner being had urged me to do for such a long time, which was to come home to myself.

It was through aligning with my inner being and by coming home to myself that I began to feel courageous enough to be me and with that came the freedom to experience confidence, purpose and possibilities that I’d never even allowed myself to dream about.


The thing that was stopping me from being me was anxiety.

From childhood, I had felt painfully shy. I remember the agony of having to say things in class and I felt deeply uncomfortable talking to adults.

However, I didn’t grow out of it as some people do. It followed me into adulthood.

I struggled to be myself and I can remember so many painful situations as my anxiety took hold. I felt shame and embarrassment on a daily basis.

It was exhausting, as trying not to be yourself is very difficult!


I’m so thankful that I began to view life differently as I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn’t found a way to overcome anxiety and to completely accept that being myself with all my flaws and imperfections is the best way to show up in life.

The pivotal moment in my recovery started when I attended an NLP practitioner course. This led me down a path of learning and self-development and gave me the tools to help myself and others. I studied to NLP Master practitioner level, completed various hypnotherapy courses and also am a qualified life coach. Below is a list of all the training I've completed.


​Today my life is so removed from what it used to be.

I wake up every morning excited to be alive full of joy and love for the fact that I’m still here to grow and learn and expand.

I feel confident and have the courage to go for things that scare me.

I love the excitement and the feeling of accomplishment I get from doing things I never thought that I’d get to do or experience.

Feeling comfortable and happy being me has opened up so many doors and I feel in charge and in control of my life and where I’m heading.

Life has meaning and purpose and I love being me and living my life.

This is why it’s so important to me to help people who feel like I felt.

Just existing and lacking the confidence to embrace life is not a way to live.

Each and every one of us deserves to feel good about who we are and to create a wonderful life for ourselves.

I know how far I’ve come and what’s possible and it’s all there for you too if you decide today that you want to live an authentic life where you feel and experience the freedom and confidence that comes with living a purposeful life.


Thank you  so much for your time in getting to know me and I look forward to meeting you,

lots of Love to you x

Courses attended.

2013 NLP Practitioner with NLP Life Training ( Dr.Richard Bandler)

2014 Havening training with Steven and Ron Ruden and Paul McKenna

2015 Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy BSAP

2016 Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Thoughtitude) June O’Driscoll 

2016 Diploma in accredited Coach Training (ADCT) (Thoughtitude)

2017 NLP Master Practitioner Training ( Dr.Richard Bandler) NLP Life Training

2018 Diploma in Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy (Dr John Butler) HTI Hypnotherapy Training International.

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