My Story and how I help people

For most of my life, I felt anxious.

Even as a child I remember feeling anxious at school and around adults.

I was painfully shy and most of my memories are of feeling shame and embarrassment.

I thought it would never change and that I would always have to live with anxious feelings that would often stop me from doing the things in life I really wanted to do.

When my mother became ill and died before her time it became my wake up call to find a way out

I knew I needed to free myself from this prison before it was too late or else I might not get a chance to live a life with the freedom and confidence I dreamt of and everyone else around me seemed to have.

I began looking for answers and since then I have never looked back.

Life since the age of 40 has taken me on a journey of self-discovery and personal development that lead me to an anxiety-free life and since then I've also helped many others make changes in their lives too.

I've made it my mission to help others free themselves from a life of anxiety and the negative self-image and low self-esteem and low moods that can accompany anxiety.

I'm highly skilled and trained by some of the best teachers in the field and continue to study and learn new therapies and keep up with the latest developments in the field of therapy and positive psychology.



My training:

  • 1997 Diploma in Applied Science ( Naturopathy) TAFE Institue, Gold Coast QLD Australia

  • 2013 NLP Practitioner with NLP Life Training ( Dr.Richard Bandler)

  • 2014 Havening training with Steven and Ron Ruden and Paul McKenna

  • 2014 Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy BSAP

  • 2014 Hypno Gastric Band Practitioner Course ( Lorraine Gleeson)

  • 2016 Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Thoughtitude) June O’Driscoll 

  • 2016 Diploma in accredited Coach Training (ADCT) (Thoughtitude)

  • 2017 NLP Master Practitioner Training ( Dr.Richard Bandler) NLP Life Training

  • 2018  Certificate in Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy (Dr John Butler) HTI Hypnotherapy Training International.

  • 2020 Level 1 BWRT Brain Working Recursive Therapy ( Terence Watts)

  • 2020 Level 2 BWRT Brainworking Recursive Therapy (Terence Watts)

I've learnt from the best teachers 
Paul McKenna
Dr. Ruden
 With John La Valle, Dr.Richard Bandler and Kathleen La Valle at my first NLP training in 2013.

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