Take some time out and reconnect with your inner calm.


It’s been a strange few weeks and many people are experiencing anxiety and worry about our current situation.


Even if you are normally a calm person you may have found yourself feeling a bit tenser with a sense concern in the back of your mind.


Whether you are very anxious and worried or just feel an underlying sense of unease about the current situation it’s important you take some time to connect with your inner calm.


I want to offer my support to our community by holding an online group zoom meeting where I’m going to take you through a relaxation visualisation and give you some tips and tools on how to flood your system with good feelings so that you can keep calm and stay in a resourceful state whenever you need to.


I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday the 25th Match at 11 am on Zoom.


Vision Board Workshop

Create a  powerful Vision board to help you achieve your goals in 2020.


As we are entering a whole new decade, why not make this decade, the 20’s the best one yet? Start off by catapulting yourself towards your goals by creating a vision board.


It is said that a goal not written down is just a dream. When you write down a goal you are much more likely to achieve them.


Now imagine aligning these goals with your deepest values, writing them down, visualising them through a meditative process and then creating a vision board to remind you of them and bring them into your awareness on a daily basis. Goalsetting at it’s most powerful!


The process I take you through is about so much more than just sticking some pictures on a piece of board. For a vision board to be powerful and effective we need to dive deep.

We start by asking ourselves a set of meaningful questions which will take us to the core of what’s really important to us in all parts of our life’s. 


We then re-enforce these important insights by activating our unconscious mind through a deep visualisation process that I take you through.

During this process, we involve all your senses, so your unconscious mind becomes primed to respond to opportunities that align with your goals.


This is part of what makes this process so powerful. Afterwards, we then let our intuition guide us to create the content on our board and you’ll be amazed at what comes together and what you end up with as a finished result. 


I created one before Christmas and already a lot of the things on the board have come into my life. I realised how powerful this process is and really wanted to share it with others.


That’s why I wanted to do this workshop.

I wanted to share with you this process to help you create an amazing life for yourself by achieving your goals and bringing into your life the things that really matter to you.




INVESTMENT £37.50. Food included.


Vegan and Vegetarian options as well as gluten-free options available.

Please specify when booking your place.


All Materials are included, but I urge you to collect different types of magazines that appeal to you and to bring them along on the day. Having around 10 magazines is ideal. The more different kind of magazines you have the better.


Amy and I cannot wait to see you on the 3rd of Feb 2020

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