The Havening Technique ™ what is it?


The Havening Technique ™ was developed after years of research by two American Doctors Dr Ron and Steven Ruden and offers a new and very different type of Therapy.

Havening is a Psycho-sensory Therapy and as the name suggests aims to create a ‘Haven’ for the person seeking help.

It is a great tool for issues where fear, panic, anxiety and stress are involved and any traumatic experiences.


The sensory part of Havening involves stroking the back of the arms, the palms of the hand and the face. During the sensory application the feelings have to be recalled for a brief moment, then visualisation techniques such as’ walking down a flights of stairs or ‘skipping’ are combined with counting down and humming songs.

Together this creates a distraction and changes the neural pathways in the brain. The ‘brain chemistry’ is immediately changed and the person receiving the treatment will feel very different about distressing memories, thoughts and feelings.

The Havening technique ™ seems to remove the emotion from the traumatic event or thoughts and feelings that cause problems.

This is an incredibly freeing experience and can lead to profound changes.

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