• Kristine Moller

Turn Your Fear into Excitement !

Is there something you are not doing right now, that if you did you know it could dramatically change your life?

It’s the summer of 2013 and I am sitting in an office with a wonderful woman who is helping me change my life. She suggests I do a talk to some friends about nutrition. She suggests I invite them to my house and do a presentation on the subject.

The mere thought of it grips me with fear. There is no way I can see myself doing that.

I half agree that maybe I can do it, but I know I can’t.

I don’t even want to go there in my imagination. Even that would be too dreadful.

Who does this woman think I am? She clearly doesn’t know me.

It doesn’t compute with me and it’s impossible to see myself ever doing speaking in front of others. I tell myself again, I am not that sort of person, my friends would laugh at me, and besides I am just not good and haven’t got anything interesting to say.

The only possibility for this to happen would perhaps be in a different universe, with a different me that I don’t even recognise or know. It’s not me now and it never will be!

Fast forward to now.

In two weeks I am speaking at the Best You Expo at London Olympia. This is a big expo, with many talented and incredible speakers. I will be speaking in front of a lot more than 5 people who are my friends, and there will be many strangers too.

It took me a while to create that parallel universe, but I did!

I am now excited about it and can’t wait to meet all the lovely people who will be there.

As I am writing this I am going back in time and telling myself to trust that I will find a way to overcome this fear.

I may not have believed it then, but a seed was planted. My unconscious mind began to look for opportunities to overcome this fear and the teachers began to show up.

I believe we are all able to become something and do something we never thought possible. If you think you know who you are and believe you are stuck with that for life, think again!

It is completely possible to become the person you thought you could only be in a parallel universe, and the reason I know that is because I did.

Perhaps there is something you wish you could do and maybe if you do more of it, you know that it will change your life!

Below is a link to book a free 30 minute discovery session with me. In the session we will look at the things that are holding you back and what parallel universe you might want to create and bring into your life in the future.

Book yourself in now through my online booking system by clicking the picture below.

I look forward to meeting you!

Ps. One more thing here is a link for Free tickets to the best You expo. Come along and get inspired :-)

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